Friday, October 20, 2017

Meaning of Obeng 3


Your name of Obeng creates an idealistic, sensitive nature and a desire for culture and the refinements of life.
 You would work best in a relaxed environment at tasks involving writing, mathematical, or analytical skills that require concentration.
 You appear calm to others, but at times you suffer inwardly with nervous tension.
 You can find it difficult to express your deeper thoughts and feelings verbally.
 It is much more natural for you to express your deeper thoughts in writing.
 A lack of positivity and confidence is a source of difficulty in making decisions in business dealings.
 You are easily offended, and can suffer with moods of depression.
 You want the best, but lack the confidence and aggressiveness to materialize your desires.
 Procrastination is a weakness, for so often you are inclined to avoid issues and to leave things undone until the last moment when you are forced to take action.

Health Analysis

You are inclined to indulge in rich foods that lack proper nourishment. This name creates weaknesses in the heart, the respiratory organs, or the kidneys.

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