Sunday, April 6, 2014

Love Compels

When you love another
You cannot bear to see them struggle or suffer
You go out of your way to find them peace
For in that peace your love is fulfilled

When you love another
You feel their stress
You feel their pain
You feel their uneasiness
For love is all consuming

When you love another
You love all they are
You love all that concerns them
You love at all times
You love them
For loving means you love them

I love you.

God loves mankind and has given us a Saviour in Christ.

Awakened by a dream of us

As I lay down, now with my eyes fully wide open.
I know we were going about the activities of life together.
I could almost reach out and feel you by me.
To see you smile and be happy.

I turned around and my eyes opened and it was a dream

God knows how I've always wanted these dreams not remain so but to come true.

I can only dwell over the dream and joy in the endless possibilities therein.

I know what it means to find someone you share all your dreams with.


Time now is12:30 am April 6, 2014

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Don't be dismembered by pain or hurt

In life, one needs a tight coordination with their soul, spirit and body.

I have had this, I learn that this is easily achieved when God Almighty is in the picture.

I stand stronger each day, although things do not seem pleasant, there is an inner quietness that stills my soul.

Inquire of the Lord and He'll give you peace.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Forgiveness the traits of a Christian

From the depths of my heart, the same place where issues of life hang in the balance.
Although in pain, I ought to lead the way as Christ would have me.

Father forgive,  I have forgiven them that trespass against me.
I cannot hold it in my heart not to forgive.
I ask for your blessings on their lives.

I ask that whatever issues they have in their lives You kindly help them, provide for them.
You know how much they are dear to me, provide for them.
Lead them to the path of righteousness, for that is the ultimate you'd have each one pursue.
I pray for all they do, that by virtue of my forgiveness you'll increase and favour them.

Lord each day as You teach me to forgive, I pray Your Spirit would nudge them in the right direction.

Lord let Your name be glorified.

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