Friday, May 26, 2017

Motor riding: First fall, Slippery Surface, Importance of Gear - Gloves

I haven't posted about my "new" motor bike the Honda NXR 125 Red

This post is about gear - gloves and my first fall on a bike (very very minor fall)

So after riding on a slippery basketball surface and even a clayey football field - I RATHER slipped on a very small patch of mud in my office parking lot.

So i was turning at walking pace to observe the reverse parking rule here and "bang!" my bike was low sided (i know this applies to higher speeds).

I broke my right side mirror.

My gloves (Kevlar with armor) took some mud as well.

On hind side - i should never ride through such questionable surfaces and more so try to negotiate a bend.

Please please if you ride do so with gear! and for this purpose GLOVES!

And yes i thank God for all this and His provision for me :-)

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