Monday, April 10, 2017

How i thought i ended 2016 - relationship with the opposite gender

On the eve of 31st Dec 2016, i sat on a concrete slab before our watch night service commenced.

I resolved to love, i resolved not to exert myself on people to whom i expressed love yet but rejected it - (wrong move in retrospect)

But guess what, 1st Jan 2017, sitting on the same slab, i reverted when a dear person sat by me and i realised that the "love" i feel for her wasn't one that could be brushed off.

A few days later she (another) hits me up on the phone and i wonder to myself, this is reciprocal and i start wrapping my mind to possibilities again.

Some months i decide to get in touch with her (yet another) and she (yet another) is very happy and expresses profound excitement (i deduced love) to hearing from me.

Anyway 3 months from that day, today, i realize, yes i do love her (placeholder), and that is what it is.

Love is not selfish, et al 1 Cor 13

so here is another resolution - to still love with a non-expectant mind.

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