Friday, April 4, 2014

Forgiveness the traits of a Christian

From the depths of my heart, the same place where issues of life hang in the balance.
Although in pain, I ought to lead the way as Christ would have me.

Father forgive,  I have forgiven them that trespass against me.
I cannot hold it in my heart not to forgive.
I ask for your blessings on their lives.

I ask that whatever issues they have in their lives You kindly help them, provide for them.
You know how much they are dear to me, provide for them.
Lead them to the path of righteousness, for that is the ultimate you'd have each one pursue.
I pray for all they do, that by virtue of my forgiveness you'll increase and favour them.

Lord each day as You teach me to forgive, I pray Your Spirit would nudge them in the right direction.

Lord let Your name be glorified.

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