Monday, November 4, 2013

When you love someone

You suppress your hunger so they can eat
You smile even when you are in pain
You lie on the bare ground so they can have the mattress
You learn to eat new stuff they like
You alter your schedule just to be around them
You ignore all the odds and fight for the best
You see all the best in them
The cold weather seems warm
The sky is no longer the limit
Patience is no longer a struggle, you just love to be patient with them
Life becomes just them

Time stands still
Stress and duress all melt away
Doing for them is not a chore
Long distances become a stone's throw for you
The forest becomes a garden
Family becomes your family, siblings yours too

You never give up
You always say "I love you"
You see them and it is a wonderful experience

You always love them

I always love her!

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