Tuesday, January 10, 2012


It's been about 2 months since i started service, and life; man is really not the same, time is now used up and all manner of "stuff" has to be done this way and by this time, and for this person, .... blaa blaa (you get the point)And i just realised how much stress i can take and how much "atteNtion" i can give to detail.Well life goes on and I thank God so much for the way He has made it and the plans He has (Jer 29:11).No more free time to goof around or just stare at my "workspace" or digging into my filesystem or just strumming DminSus4.The life of an emerging worker.Issues of life too are getting at me, talk about relationship, career, finances, self-care, showing that i am a maN,Going forward: kodako is geared up for this life, God being my helper

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