Tuesday, September 19, 2017

When and Who to date?

When and Who to date?

Not now!
Not when it feels right
Not because they like you
Not because your friends are dating

When you are obedient to your parents and guardians about it Eph 6:1
When you are actively seeking God first in your life Mat 6:33
When you are loving God with all your heart and all your strength Mat 22:37
When you know the "who" in them

NB: Dating well is better than dating early

Not because of how they look Prov 31:30
Not only because of how we feel about them

Date a follower of Christ 2 Cor 6:14
Date a person that loves God as much as you (or more than you, but in the right way)
Date a person in a similar age range that is easy to get to know them
Date a person your parents and friends are "generally" okay with

taken from sermon series Boy Meets Girl:When & Who, The Shore , Matt Humber 06 Feb 2013

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