Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Dating Well and True Love

Dating Well and True Love

Relationship is like fire, potential for good or bad, joy or hurt
In a  relationship you give the other a license to hurt you

Love is not just a feeling, it is a discipline, a commitment 1 Cor 13

God first - 1 John 4:19

If  you're dating and don't see yourself getting married, STOP!

Know your role

Eph 5:21-25

Man love your wife as Christ
If you're dating, you're in it for what you can give her

Woman, respect and submit, give opinion

taken from sermon series Boy Meets Girl: Dating Well & True Love, The Shore , Austin Adams 13 Feb 2013

When and Who to date?

When and Who to date?

Not now!
Not when it feels right
Not because they like you
Not because your friends are dating

When you are obedient to your parents and guardians about it Eph 6:1
When you are actively seeking God first in your life Mat 6:33
When you are loving God with all your heart and all your strength Mat 22:37
When you know the "who" in them

NB: Dating well is better than dating early

Not because of how they look Prov 31:30
Not only because of how we feel about them

Date a follower of Christ 2 Cor 6:14
Date a person that loves God as much as you (or more than you, but in the right way)
Date a person in a similar age range that is easy to get to know them
Date a person your parents and friends are "generally" okay with

taken from sermon series Boy Meets Girl:When & Who, The Shore , Matt Humber 06 Feb 2013

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


Father, You said not to be anxious
I commit my finances to You, increase my salary 5 digits Lord
I ask for direction and wisdom
You have heard my plans, yet not my will
I will work hard, guide me
Help me find rest in you
Let me not be purturbed when I cannot see her
I trust You

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Il faut qu'on parle

..... minutes after 12pm phone rings

....wait for me, we need to talk

.......okay, sure

I wait and wait and wait

Finally she arrives

we talk about je veux sortir avec toi and then i realise

.... i really love her enough to let her have the best even if it were not me

I love you

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Je veux sortir avec toi

In the early hours of today i was feeling sad at the thought i wasn't going to see my cherished friend for about three days.

More importantly i wanted to let her know that i still feel love, passion, attraction, enchantment, ... for her and really look forward to a life long stay with her.

I rallied up confidence and told her to expect me in the morning.

I waited for her...

She arrived...

I went up to her... still on my bike... she was in a hurry to go to her office...

I told her she looked beautiful... i started perspiring... i mustered courage and said...

I want to date you

(rendez-vous amoureux)


she nodded... , but she had to leave to attend to work......

I waved and left for work....

Hours later....

she calls to meet

... i arrive, and we discuss the morning

agreement is reached on the exact meaning

happy day!

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