Sunday, July 26, 2015

It was the look of resilience!

It so happened that early this morning, I found myself walking along the narrow streets of Swedru town market, and I had the chance to interact with some business women I met there. The streets were crowded with several stores, each displaying their wares. Every store here, waiting for the day to bring upon them a smile of blessings and good luck.
The town gradually wakes up to a bustling atmosphere, but there's one thing that strikes me;... the look of resilience on the faces of the women here. The look that says a firm No in the face of adversity and the troublesome economy. The look, that implies they intend to fight on in spite of the little or no sales they made in the previous days.
Amazingly, I see something similar on the faces of the female farmers I meet on my way to the hinterlands of the Central region. It is the look of resilience.
This look is unmistakably noticed grâce à the wrinkles that appeared on their faces as they managed to break into a smile when I waved at them. The sweat beads I noticed, moved quickly down their darkened skins, as each muscle and ligament within their bodies worked hard in unison to support the burdensome loads of wood and farm produce they carried on their heads. Not to talk of how they bravely trod the red muddy road back to their homes....unfortunately, without shoes or slippers on their feet.
Yet one thing remained unchanged on the faces of these women; It was the look of resilience!

By: Vanessa Modupe Jobarteh

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