Monday, July 8, 2013


Life has twists and turns.

What I know is...

In all this Integrity which is my watch word must hold.

Keep your promises

I have learned to expect the best

To give my best

To be honest

Not to have secrets

To share my life

To put myself in others shoes

To express myself

Life is full of twists

Do all that is within your power to live at peace with all

Honor God, others and yourself.

Love with all your heart
Work with all your might
Live to please only God, in that you would gain favor before men.

Blessings always come, be prepared for them.

Stretch yourself
Stress yourself

Learn all you can
Do it yourself
Ask for a helping hand
Be ready to help others

Love with all your heart

Never take anyone for granted
Never go for a ride too

Mean what you do
Say what you mean

Love without presumption

Don't expect when you give
If you GIVE that is enough

Be firm

Love with all your heart
Listen with your ears

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