Thursday, May 16, 2013

Timeless, no breeze

When food loses its taste
When you take breaths with no air
When you fight against no opponent
When you cry with no tears

You laugh even at no joke

When you walk alone
When you sleep with your eyes open
When you talk but cannot be heard
When you wait for no one

Velocity just changes to speed

A speech for no audience
A truck, no passengers, no cargo
A well, no water

You wait
You find
You tend
You learn
You care
You dare

We live, we hope with no despair
Synergy that has synergy that births even more synergy
In bad times there is no pain but just work to be done
How quickly the desert transforms into a swamp
The valleys are levelled up
And mountains turned into dust

Peace of mind
Heart of gold
Body with stature
Life with meaning

Hope for tomorrow
If tomorrow will be
If this station even exists

People are unique
A person is nature's best gift
The heart, pumps more than blood

Never to forget
Never to lose
Never to ignore
Never to fail
Never to hate
Never to cry
Never to fade

I love
I cheerish
I appreciate
I adore
I bless
I stand in awe

I stand by my promises
I hold on to my new ways
I open my eyes for yet it is another day
Another day it is.

I love you ever still

Remercier Dieu.

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