Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Out of the valley, but where?

Wow, as they say no condition is permanent.

I used to be in the valley where one had to take conditions as there were, but now I find myself somewhere and I don't know how to describe it.

I (wo ai ni) but cannot fully express myself, why? Good question.

Life I guess cannot remain simple all the time.

I am going to do all the best i can do on my part, because the road I am on is one i Love and chose also.

I cannot be a wavering guy who says this and does not mean it.

I wish stuff would be "normal".

I never understood why people always wanted to be acknowledged for who they think they are or want to be, but now I get it.

A --> B (and B knows)
A confirms to B
B --> A (A believes, B knows)
B confirms/denies to A

Even in this condition I remain less sensitive (per reaction) to harsh words, yet I have to be very cautious about mine, I guess that makes me a good person too.

I guess I should never be too sure of myself because I thought I knew how far, wide, harsh and nice love could be, but day after day I find out how much more intricate it is.

I am stretching even beyond what my logical mind at rest would predict.

Sorry for blogging in abstract, my bad.

To be continued...............

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