Thursday, October 11, 2012

Open invitation

When consistently invited to an occasion a person is bound to compromise. If the event is desirous one is bound to accept at the first invite. How about a woman's advances towards a man? Lie with me...... Sleep with me..... Make love to me.... etc................. All these sound desirous. If asked in person a typical guy would 1.Accept 2.Refuse but give signs of approval so as to signify interest 3.Ignore and wait. How about the lady asks you day after day. What mindset do you have? What would you do? I see myself in a dangerous situation and not sure how i would respond. In Genesis 39 this same scenario is presented and the story i do not need to elaborate. What you would do is all up to you and your values. Prepare for such a situation and honour your preparation when the "open invitation" comes upon you.

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